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New Member Information

Attendance, Vacation, Safety and other important information.

Also additional services like: Demonstration Teams, Birthday Parties and Guest Passes.


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Study Guide  for New Students

Study Guide for New Students

Study Guide for School Precepts, Creed, and more important information.



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Study Guide  for New Students

7 Home Rules

Rules for students to follow at home and in school. Each belt test parents will grade their child on each category.



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Patch Placement

Class Schedule

The best way for you to achieve the benefits fo Taekwondo is to attend class consistently. Coming to class two times each week should allow you to see the the progress and results that you desire.


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Patch Placement

Patch Placement / Dress Code

Uniform top is required for testing with proper patch placement. You'll need to sew on as indicated in the pdfs below. We do not recommend iron-on adhesives, they typically fail after a few washings.


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